Sunderland in the 1890s

These photographs were taken by J. Harold Mounsey in 1890. Some are certainly Sunderland, others probably South Shields.

Thanks to the photographer’s grandson, John Mounsey, for permission to reproduce them.

Harbour and Port

The Mounsey family were early enthusiasts for photography. J Harold Mounsey captured these scenes of shipping around the district in 1890, in Sunderland and (we think) South Shields . His father, John Wilfred Mounsey, had been involved in shipbuilding on the river Wear. Both father and son are thought to have been directors of the North of England Cafe Co.

Backhouse Houses in Sunderland

These early stereo photographs of houses built for the Backhouse family were very kindly sent to us by John Mounsey, a descendant of the family. The Backhouses were Quaker bankers, prominent residents of both Darlington and Sunderland.

It is believed that Edward Backhouse himself (1781-1860) appears on one of these photos.